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We sell variety of Survey Equipments including but not limited to:
GIS Asset Collection & Management
GNSS/GPS Systems
- GNSS/GPS Surveying Systems - GNSS/GPS for Construction(High performance GNSS SmartAntenna specifically designed for all positioning tasks on construction sites. It provides you unsurpassed versatility and usability for RTK and network RTK, as well as entry level machine control and high accurate static post-processing positioning in construction, enhancing efficiency in all types of field work). - GNSS/GIS Data Collectors(GNSS receivers for GIS Data Collection and Mobile GIS) - GNSS/GIS Data Collectors (GNSS receivers for GIS Data Collection and Mobile GIS) - GNSS Reference Networks
Laser Distancemeter
Helps calculate the distance of your route while you moving.
Monitoring Solutions
- Monitoring Sensors - Monitoring Software - Monitoring Communication
Laser Tracker Systems
This is a portable measurement system that relies on a laser beam to accurately measure and inspect in a radial volume of up to 320 m [1050 ft].
Locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task increasing on site safety. Defaulting to power mode, maximum sensitivity ensures operators are protected against lethal electrical cables, whilst additional modes are used to detect other buried utilities.
These provide accurate electronic level, that provides error-free measurements and readings
Mining Solutions
- Jigsaw Fleet Management System (Jfleet) operates on a distributed database architecture to provide comprehensive fleet management and production optimization. A highly intelligent system that is not reliant on a central server, each machine automatically tracks and logs its own current activity, position and status. -Jsoftware, operating on the Jmineops platform, is the glue that binds the Leica Jigsaw solution into one, powerful, integrated reporting system. Expedient data conversion into usable information is key to a good reporting system. Leica Jmineops provides this. Real-time data collection and interchangeable modules deliver the information you need when you need it with complete flexibility and efficiency. Reduce shovel hanging time and truck queuing times, monitor vehicle health and import and export data from multiple machines and formats. - J²guidance - For high precision guidance for dozers, drills, shovels, draglines and more, look no further than the J²guidance High Precision Guidance solution. - Jigsaw J3autonomous - Our fully and semi-autonomous remote controlled systems for mining offer the worlds’ only truck convoy system. Through fully autonomous ripping and remote control operation our autonomous solutions remove operators from danger and increase site safety. Remotely control a fleet from hundreds of kilometres away. - Jassist represents the latest and best technology that intergrates with and assists your existing Mine Management Solutions.

Mobile Mapping
One uses a laser scanner (or several scanners) in combination with GNSS receivers, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and a Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) on a mobile platform (vehicle) to acquire accurate and precise spatial data.

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