I-TECH PRODUCTS>> Glassware & Plasticware
We sell variety of Glasswares including but not limited to:
= Dropping Funnels (-dropping funnels - conical, -dropping funnels – , -dropping funnels – cylindrical with relief tube,)
= Burette Bottles (-burette automatic- "class as schilling", -burette automatic- "class as", -burette bellow, -burette clamps- "p.p", -burette clamps- "steel", -burettes- "class as", -digital burette,)
= Apparatus (-Arsenic Estimator - Made from borosilicate glass 3.3. Designed for the estimation of arsenic and antimony. -Water Estimator)
= Crucibles and Crucible accessories (-crucible lids, -crucibles- "porcelain - 1000°c", -crucibles- "porcelain - 1150°c", -gooch crucibles- "glass", -gooch crucibles- "porcelain", -tong- "crucible",)
= Cover Glasses & Microscope Slides (-blood lancets, -counting chambers, -cover glasses, -forceps- "for cover glasses", -microscope slides, -slide box- "with plastic lock", -slide box- "with steel lock", -slide dispenser, -slide magazine, -slide mailers, -slide wallet, -staining jars,)
= Beakers & Accesories (- Beakers with handle- "P.P", - Beakers - "Glass", - Beakers - "P.P", - Crystallisation Dishes - "Glass", - Tongs- "Beaker",)
= Bottles & Accessories (-bottles- "aluminium", -bottles- "neutral glass - wide neck", -bottles- "water sampling", -dropping bottles, -dropping bottles- "p.e", -iso bottles- "borosilicate glass", -iso bottles- "neutral glass"iso bottles- "neutral glass", -iso bottles- "p.p", -screw caps, -security seal & seal cutter, -wash bottle carrier, -wash bottles- "narrow neck", -wash bottles- "wide neck - multi lingual,)
= Evaporating Dishes & Accessories (-casseroles- "porcelain", -evaporating dishes- "porcelain - flat bottom", -evaporating dishes- "porcelain - round bottom", -tong- "evaporating dish",)
= Flasks & Accessories (-flask stands- "cork", -flask stands- "p.p", -flasks- "2 neck", -flasks- "3 neck", -flasks- "evaporating", -flasks- "glass", -flasks- "ground neck", -flasks- "kjeldahl", -flasks- "nitrogen", -flasks- "pear shape - 2 neck", -flasks- "pear shape", -flasks- "receiving", -tongs- "flask",)
= Condensers (-condensers- "allihn", -condensers- "coiled", -condensers- "dimroth", -condensers- "liebig", -soxhlet condensers- "allihn", -soxhl,)
= Density Bottles
= Volumetric & Accessories (-Burettes, -Cylinders, -Imhoff Sedimentation, -Pipettes, -Stoppers, -Tilt measure, -Volumetric flasks, -Dilatometer,)
= Stirrers (-Glands, -Stirrer Bars, -Stirrer Shaft, -Stirring Rods, -Magnetic retrievers, -Stirrer guides,)
= Test Tubes and Accessories (-centrifuge tubes- "glass", -centrifuge tubes- "micro - with lock", -centrifuge tubes- "micro", -centrifuge tubes- "screw cap - p.p", -cryo tube box, -cryo tube stand, -cryo tubes, -cryo tubes cap inserts, -k3 edta tubes, -micro haematocrit tubes, -microcentrifuge tube rack, -microtube pestle, -sedi rate, -storage box, -test tubes- "glass", -test tubes- "plastic", -test tubes- "screw cap - glass", -tube box, -tube clamp- "steel", -tube clamp- "wood", -tube rack, -tube rack- "4 side", -tube rack- "dismantled", -tube rack- "monoblock", -tube rack- "stainless steel", -tube rack- "with silicone grips", -tube stoppers, -tube wax,)

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