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We sell variety of Scientific Apparatus including but not limited to:
Data Temperature Recorders - DTR
Data Temperature Recorder - tracks delivery temperatures are within programmable limits. programmable limits for chilled, frozen & ambient foods print-out with accept or reject message eliminates possibility of human error the DTR is exclusive of probe
High temperature data loggers - thermocouple ThermaData® loggers
thermocouple ThermaData® loggers
calibration equipment
-thermistor test caps, -PT100 test caps, -3101 Dry Well heat - cool source calibrator, -3000 series dry-well heat source calibrator, -Reference thermometer calibration thermometer, -Reference Thermapen® 0.01 °C resolution, high accuracy thermometer, -MicroCheck three- point temperature checkers,-MicroCal 1 Plus simulator thermometer, -MicroCal 1 thermocouple simulator.
Printing Temperature Recorder - PTR printing thermometer
4 Channel Printing Temperature Recorder - four channel interchangeable thermocouples. temperature range -200°C/-328°F to 1372°C/2501°F features real date/time clock prints on demand or at user set intervals personalised hard copy print-out price excludes probe

NB: Prices and availability are subject to revision without prior notice owing to currency, tax, levy and seasonal fluctuations.

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