I-Tech Supplies E.A Ltd is a vibrant company with the passion, commitment and determination to serve our customers beyond their expectation. We offer both the scope and sophistication of size and deeper accountability to client satisfaction. This ensures that you experience great benefits and the least product management risks. We will also ensure that you experience optimum cost-containment without compromising on the quality of service.We comply with stringent standards. As such we dedicate our efforts to a single minded policy: To create the most effective and distinct services to our clients.
OUR PEOPLE - Our people are our biggest asset. Their experience, proactive approach and ability to leverage the company’s reach extensive depth and breadth of product and leading edge technology to deliver quality products and services. This reflects in the service and positive experience that our clients have come to rely upon when working with us. We believe that if we take care of our people, they will take care of you.
QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR LOWEST PRICES - we are able to guarantee you the lowest possible prices by using the world renowned suppliers. Give clients’ undivided attention with the confidence of knowing that we have mechanisms and strategies designed to meet our clients’ needs while at our hands.
GUARANTEED CUSTOMERCARE - We have a dedicated Customer Care Department. We assign an experienced Account Manager to you who will provide you with personalized support and assistance.


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